About Ant Comic

Ant comic is a highly entertaining new-age comic which tackles several big issues like labor, parenthood, love, family, sex, war and death with such bravery and ease that you feel like a shopper in a supermarket who is methodically checking off items from his grocery list. The creator of this comic knows all these issues like the back of his hand, and presents them in a very grappling and entertaining manner. One of the reasons why he is able to do so is because the story is about a handful of ants staying in a black ant colony which makes the terrible decision of going to war with the red ants living nearby.

The designs of characters is almost in an inside-out baroque style. Despite the fact that the Ant comic is focused on sartorial weirdness, the creator often hits the point where his writings become so complex that they undercut, or rather overwhelm their communicative value. The bizarre manner in which the bugs have been visually interpreted by the creator, using absolutely perfect distanciation techniques, he’s able to show their alien biology with depictions that have never been seen before. Spiders are nothing more than fanged cartoon dog heads, having eight legs that are sticking out of their bodies; worms have a great resemblance to sex toys right out of Gimp’s treasure chest; centipedes seem like they’re the world’s longest hummer limousines; fruit flies have a great resemblance to some multi-eyed entity just emerging out of a carcass (from Johnny Ryan’s book ‘Prison Pit’); talking about the ants themselves, they all look like anatomical models decked up in visible internal organs of bright colors; the ant Queen is a behemoth having entangled orifices and canals before which the colony’s males queue up and deposit their ejaculate in groups of three. It is only the red ants which have some sort of resemblance to their actual physical form in real life. They’re shown so busy forming some sort of sex-death cult focused on consumption of spider’s semen having hallucinogenic properties.

The way all the characters are designed encourages the active use of another important technique by the creator, referred to as juxtaposing of high-stakes and grotesque events with indifferent reactions from the concerned characters. You can see ants talking about going insane after ingesting ant poison. The non-Queen females can be seen reminiscing about their forbidden affairs with male ants of the colony, quite akin to the youth-driven blogs we all read these days. You witness the breakup of a gay ant couple just like any other couple, despite their attempts of rebuilding their society from the core. Then there is a child who consumes earthworm particles and achieves miraculous powers!