Comic books are a big thing these days! You see Batman, Spiderman, Superman and every other man/woman on things like food items, school stationery, music albums, etc. endorsing their usage. What more, couples are even having comic book style weddings these days! Let’s take a good look at how comic books are impacting or influencing our society.

When Ironman was the one who gave away the bride!
A Texas couple recently got married with a very interesting wedding theme. It was a comic-themed elaborate function that had the couple dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn! The bride’s father walked her down the aisle wearing an Iron Man helmet! Other guests of the party were also seen donning comic costumes of Cat woman, Wolverine, Poison Ivy, The Riddler, Wonder Woman and the likes. Guess who officiated the entire show?! None other than the mighty Batman!

Everyone loves dressing up as comic characters!
You know of the famous Hollywood actor Neil Patrick Harris?! He along with his two kids – Harper and Gideon – were recently spotted wearing Batman outfits! The kids wore the Batman costume, while Neil was spotted dressed as Joker. Another famous actress Maisie Williams got spotted wearing a comic book dress last year.
This trend is considered a part of something known as Cosplay – a short form of costume play. It involves people dressing up like their favorite superheroes or like any of the famous characters in movies, comic books or video games. A recently held convention in London, UK had some attendees who came dressed as a pretty sinister character known as Mistress Death! Others were dressed as famous characters from the Japanese comics.
The community of people who like dressing up as their favorite comic book characters is growing rapidly throughout the world. With the advent of web comics, people in all corners of the world are more aware of the famous comic book characters and love dressing up like them! Internet has given various new options to the people when it comes to trading, buying and selling of comic books too. Then there are online comic book message boards and forums, giving comic book readers an ideal platform to discuss their likes and dislikes.

To conclude, we would like to say that comics are recognized as a highly valuable medium these days, and their influence can be pretty much seen in all major entertainment mediums of the modern day society.
Graphic novels and comic books have captured the imaginations of adults, teens and children throughout the world for a long time now. Almost all of us have read comics when we were kids. Some even remember getting caught hiding a comic book in their schoolbook (while studying at home or sitting in the classroom)! Regardless of the fact that the frequency with which we used to read and enjoy comic books has decreased significantly with age, their amazing appeal can never be denied. Although comic books started out as merely children’s books, they have come a long way from there.
Whether it is amusement parks, video games, television or movies, comics are impacting every entertainment form in a major way. Despite the fact that there is lack of proper censorship when it comes to the comic works, people are all for it considering the entertainment they provide. The censorship issue is also overlooked in the light of the free speech principle.