Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero is a highly entertaining comic that got released in the year 2013. It shows its creator moving to an altogether new level, far away from the grotesque humor and acidic clashing colors that were the trademark of his last comic ‘Ant Comic’. He could be seen gradually moving towards a bucolic and more muted approach. This comic is one which even though hints at topicality, retains a breezy humor, containing occasional praises of its creator’s trademark cruelty.

The main protagonist of Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero is the self-sufficient and fierce Sticks Angelica, who is a pretty intriguing person. You can go through her occupations in the first instalment of the comic. If you do, you’d learn that she’s an Olympian, a Cellist, a Headmistress and a Mountie among many others. If you look at her physical aspect, Sticks Angelica is an imposing and bold person who is brutally honest, a quality that alienates her from her animal friend in her surroundings at the Monterey National Park. She has been staying there ever since her father got implicated in some financial scandal. You receive all this information in the initial seven panel chapter. Although, the large amount of words contained on every page may seem like having the potential of overwhelming the readers, it is the consistent use of white and muted pink color scheme along with the uncluttered drawing style of its creator that keeps the readers involved. On the whole, when you read Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero you don’t get distracted at all and are able to completely concentrate on the idiosyncratic use of the English language.

The second instalment of Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero features a layout of the place where Angelica lives. It is pretty remarkable how the creator has provided detailed cutaways and maps in his well-known cartoonish precision. The constant usage of surreal humor indicates that the comic is moving into fresh territories. As a reader, you can sense how the writer is enjoying his/her peculiar use of the English language. You’d often notice him/her reveling in some verbal dead ends and little non-sequiturs, which get carried into the character’s dialogs too. You can see Sticks allowing geese to stay in her car in exchange of their information gathering and forest snitching services!

The joy you see in use of language is almost baroque, quite contrasting to the gnomic silences and clipped sentences one could see in the creator’s other work ‘Ant Comic’. There’s a silliness which is pretty charming, even in situations where the character’s candor can be seen alienating her from the people in her surroundings.

On the whole, there is a sort of innocence and freshness in Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero which is captivating to say the least.