Why Comics?

It’s an excellent time to start reading comic books, as the days when people used to look down on the comic geeks has almost come to an end. In fact, it’s the time when everyone is getting into reading intelligent comics. Spurred by the immense success of DC’s and Marvel’s movie properties, all the popular comic characters are now in the mainstream. Factor in the success that comic based videogames have enjoyed of late, the Internet and the social media world – the opportunities are abundant. There are new stories everyone is sharing through the comic books medium these days. You can enter into the world of comics as a creator, as a reader or both. If you’re good enough, you can become a pro at creating intelligent comics by using freely available techniques on the Internet.

Following are three important reasons why you should be getting into comic books soon:

They’re great fun and full of knowledge!
There’s nothing doubting the fact that comics or comic books are great fun! Imagine getting all the spider powers, enabling you to cripple those bad guys! Gaining some super-strength to do whatever you want on a Saturday night! We’re not just talking about the fun of watching the super heroes here. What we are referring to is getting up close and personal with the impossible situations that comic books showcase; getting to know the real solutions to the problems and using our imagination in the best possible ways. When we do that, we can see each and every image shown in comic books in a completely different light. You can even study the personalities and movements of the comic book characters. Unlike how it used to be two decades ago, a large number of parents are encouraging their little ones to read comic books these days – just because of the amount of knowledge they can provide!

The creativity aspect
One look at the comic books of today and you’d realize that how creative they have become! And we’re not just talking about the superhero comics here. Take a look at the historical comics, political comics, inspiration comics, war veteran comics, cultural comics, celebrity comics, civil comics etc. and you’d know what we’re talking about here. The extensive presence of creative images, pictures and speech balloons thrown together, that’s what the comic books are made up of. They can leave lasting impressions on you, staying with you for the lifetime. The creativity used in comic books these days is unparalleled to say the least.

The intelligence aspect
Scientists conducted a comprehensive research on the effects of television on adults as well as kids. They found that an average household watches plenty of television these days, something that may not be very good for it. But we all keep watching it because the TV is always on, and truthfully speaking, it’s entertaining too! The medium has so much power that we allow it to control us.
Comic books are also quite similar. When we talk about the intelligence aspect, many comic books function as an entertainment media that allows us to perceive, visualize, read, think and comprehend situations in our own unique ways. Not only do they help us enhance our reading and comprehension skills, they also enable us to learn anything we like to our heart’s content.
All in all, there’s never been a better time to get into the comic books!