Ms. Marvel
The first comic that we’d like you to read during this winter break is called Ms. Marvel.
Who is it about? – The comic is about a Pakistani-American teenager going by the name Kamala Khan who can be seen sneaking out one fine night, and then inhaling some sort of weird mist. The result – she wakes up with amazing superpowers that allow her to change in size and shape. Having been fond of videogames and being a writer of superhero fan fiction, Kamala decides to don a costume herself.
Why you may like it? – The reason why Marvel comics are loved by so many people is because they speak to the readers of the times they’re created in. The characters are very much related to the ongoing social challenges. This new heroine in Marvel’s fiction universe depicts the ongoing trend of the 21st century.
You should start with – It’d be best if you start reading this one with Ms. Marvel #1 as you’ll witness the initial stages of Kamala’s bitter sweet and funny adventures.
You may not like this if you’re looking for melodramatic space opera or grand cosmic spaceship battles.

This is the second comic you should consider reading during your upcoming winter break.
Who is it about? – This comic is about a couple of beautiful space humanoids going by the name is Alana and Marko. They end up developing a liking for each other while engaged in a fight for the opposite sides of a long-running galactic war. Their love results in the birth of a little girl. Now they can be seen playing the role of ideal parents, doing their best to run away from political operatives and bounty hunters who want their heads.
Why you may like it? – What really scores in favor of Saga is its temperamental and prickly cast which has its own doubts, flaws and fears. They’re all hardheaded, horny and neurotic like everyone else in the real world. But what sets them apart is their robot royal families, magic spaceships and the suspicious spectral strangers that they have to deal with.
You should start with – The ideal place to start with the Saga comic is Saga #1. Almost everyone can be seen growing and changing in Saga and you wouldn’t want to miss out the fun involved in the unpredictable space winds tossing around characters like Hazel, Will and the Lying Cat!
This may not be for you if you’re looking for something very grand! The universe here is pretty understated.